I heart Seattle

I have a love/hate relationship with Seattle. Because I feel so strongly about this issue, let's talk about the things that I hate first.
Winter. The rain. Not that Seattle even comes close to the total average rain of other US cities (it's not even one of the top 10 rainiest cities in the US). This just means that it is more spread out and we have more yucky days of pseudo-rain: drizzle. Did you know that seattle has an average of 226 cloudy days a year. That only leaves 139 days of sunshine. Granted, those days of sunshine are glorious, but still doesn't make up for the other crappy 226 days. I lived in Seattle for three years in college. But unfortunately, I was never in Seattle for a summer, or any other time when the weather was actually nice. Let me do some math: If I had a 3 month summer break during school, that was about 90 days of sunshine in Seattle that I missed. Subtract that from the 139 days of sunshine per year that Seattle averages, and that only leaves me with 49 days of sunshine a year. 49 days of sunshine per year X 3 years = 147 days of sunshine in Seattle during my whole college life.
Can you feel the bitterness. Seattle is a great city, but the weather doesn't contribute anything to that. Perhaps this is why I love the tropical climate so much. Winter quarter during school was the worst. Winter quarter spans from January to March - this is the time when it's dark by Oprah time (4pm - my life revolved around this time for several years of college). I hated going to class in the dark. I hated waking up in the dark. But I especially hated waking up knowing that it was going to be another one of those cold, cloudy days...and knowing that I had 200 more of them to go that year. Again, maybe that's why I love living near the equator....the sun always rises and sets at almost the same time, the whole year. None of this dark by 4pm crap.
So I'm thinking about moving back to seattle. But after having lived in the tropical climate for this long, I don't know how I would take it. It all comes down to this: I hate being cold. I can't keep myself warm, and that oh so constant drizzle and mist that the entire city of Seattle is enveloped in for 226 days a year doesn't help the situation. I have a t-shirt that says I 'heart' Seattle except the 'heart' is replaced with a rain cloud. This embodies my feelings about this. This is the only picture that I could find of it...me in CO springs.
Seattle has it's own unique charm, excitement, and activities that makes it appealing to live there. Seattlites have found their own way to cope: they just hunker down in in the nearest Starbucks and cozy up in their North Face fleece jackets with their egg-nog latte. Or perhaps at the nearest REI. Seattle at its best.
However, I have absolutely no reason to complain. I'm not even in Seattle, and I haven't even been there in a year or so. There's no drizzle/mist rain here, it's all torrential downpours. I very much prefer this. The rain comes, and then it goes. It doesn't wait around. So I have nothing to complain about, really. All is well with me in the weather world....for now.

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