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I didn't expect to have so many pets when I moved to Malaysia. Most of them apparently came with the apartment, although there's no mention of them in the contract.
Let me introduce a few of my friends:

Mr. Gecko and family - Mr. Gecko and his cohorts prowl my walls and leave poop everywhere. Last night I was frightened by a large noise that came from the kitchen. I turned on the light to see what happened and I found Mr. Gecko in my sink, licking away at some tiny scraps of tuna leftover from last night's meal. He is large enough that he knocked over one of my dishes in the sink - hence the noisy commotion. He guiltily stared at me for a few seconds and then scampered away to seek refuge in the silverware holder. I wouldn't let him get away with that so I scared him out of the kitchen. Some nights I hear him rummaging through my cupboards.

I actually stepped on him once. It's a very strange sensation to feel something squish in between your bare feet and the tile. He survived unharmed. He also fell on my shoulder one time, too. I've gotten pretty accustomed to seeing them around my place, but I don't like to be surprised like that.

The second of my live-in roommates is Mr. Jumping Spider. Like his friend Mr. Gecko, he also has a camaraderie. He's pretty skittish and doesn't like to be near me. His brothers like to hide in my clothes and in my bed. I have no picture of Mr. Jumping Spider because he wouldn't let me get that close to him (he's quite small), and I wasn't about to google "spider".

The third and most recent addition to the family is Hammy, the abandoned hamster. I found him one morning in the trash. He was a sad sight so, out of the goodness of my heart, I took him upstairs to my place. At least he can die in peace, I thought. I decided that wasn't up to the hamster challenge (I have an inherent aversion to things that bite - and Hammy definitely had that tendency) so Reuben took him in and nursed him back to health. I am pleased to report and today he is happy and very healthy, thanks to Reuben and his special animal-attracting powers. He can turn any vicious creature into a tame and pleasant pet. This is Hammy. He loves eating peaches and shredding toilet paper. He also like to work out on his wheel-to-nowhere.

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