Oh Christmas tree

My Christmas tree was finally unveiled tonight. Actually it's been sitting there for awhile, but I only now got around to putting the red lights and the ornaments on....now it is officially done. I was at the mall the other day and I found this cute little charlie brown tree for 10 ringgit...about 3 US dollars. A Christmas tree for less than a Starbucks frappachino! Here is my tree going down the grocery belt:

Those malls are just so dang hard to resist all that Christmas stuff when they are decked out in all their Chris
tmas spirit. It sucks you in. So here is this tree of mine, and there are exactly five presents under it. My sister got a package to me early and it included four Christmas presents and one birthday present, which also found its way under the tree. I just got a package from my mom but it's waiting for me at the post office.

Now that the tree finally sits in all its festive glory, I get to enjoy it for about one week before we head off to KL. I don't understand those people who go out and chop down their tree on Christmas Eve. It would be a great family tradition and all, but then you get to enjoy the tree for one whole day. One day wouldn't be enough for me.

14 days till Christmas!

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