Koreans, marshmallows, and the British

I love Koreans. I was surprised to find many Koreans here and they are very hospitable, and very generous with their food. They also love barbecue, which is great because I also love barbecue. Last night we had a pool party. There happened to be a Korean party going on right next to us, and since I knew some of the people so I hopped right on over and they started stuffing me with me with pork. Yum. In exchange for the pork one of us Americans brought out some marshmallows. So, we ended up cooking the pork and toasting the marshmallows on the same grill. Koreans apparently don't toast marshmallows, or eat them either. But they sure enjoyed them last night. They couldn't understand why the marshmallow was taking so long when they were holding it a foot from the coals, but they were especially thrilled when they caught on fire. I like introducing people to new things, when they enjoy it. If the Koreans had hated the marshmallows perhaps I wouldn't have been so fond of the event. But luckily, it was a success.
Today I had yet another pool party (pool hopping is fairly common here among the expats), but this time it was with the Brits. I also have a lot to learn from these good-mannered and proper people. I learn new words and phrases from them all the time, like what it is to "have a tiff", and what they really mean when they say to "bring a pudding". Pudding is a general term for dessert, not just the Jell-o. Oh. This was my first "bring your own meat" party. I didn't really know what that meant, but I think I did the right thing by, well, bringing my own meat. I got to grill it, too, but I got distracted by the fellow grill-ers and burnt my chicken. Not that anybody cares or is particularly interested in this fact. Suffice to say, this was a delicious Korean and British barbecue weekend. Which reminds me, there is a Canadian barbecue tomorrow as well!! We'll see if I make it to that.

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