Smells like Target

I'm back! From a rather exhausting 3 weeks in KL and Singapore. I hate being a tourist. More about that later...I have more pressing news to attend to.
This afternoon I picked up two packages that were waiting for me at the post office...full of Christmas (a little late) and birthday stuff for me. My sister gave me some pjs. Not only are they cute, but they smell delicious!
This is because they are from target. I have no idea how Target makes it so that its stores all over America ALL smell the same. It's not that it's scented nicely and I would never want to capture the fragrance in a perfume; it's just...refreshingly Target-y. Just the smell conjures up good feelings. I wish that it could smell this way forever, but I know that I eventually have to wash it and the smell will be washed away forever. Then it'll get moldy because that's what all my clothes do here. I miss Target. All of you target shoppers please stop for a moment of appreciation next time you enter one of its stores. The rest of the world has no such experience. I'm looking forward to a hardcore Target run when I get back sometime in the distant future.

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