Strange things happening

As soon as I come back to penang all these wierd things are happening to me. I'm having crazy dreams. Last night I was attacked by a polar bear. This morning I got my first ever blister from running. Malaysia is boycotting America, and I'm considering calling myself Canadian from this point on. Today I ate a hard-boiled egg that had a double yolk. Maybe that's super common, I don't know, but I've never come across one in a quarter of a century. I looked it up and this is what Wikipedia says about it: "Double-yolked eggs occur rarely, only leading to observed successful hatchings under human intervention, as the unborn chickens would otherwise fight each other and die." Upon further research I discovered that double-yolks are unlucky, and apparently there will be an imminent death in my family. Uh oh. Both of these unborn and unlucky fighters were delicious in my salad, however.
Then, upon arrival back to Penang, Reuben discovered something strange about this honey. The "honeybear" was apparently left open on top of the fridge and somehow the poor gecko squeezed through the hole. It drowned itself in honey. I hope it had a good swim and died happily, but it serves him right for contaminating my American honey. I normally wouldn't care, but Asian honey tastes like crap. Even after several weeks, (although no one can confirm when this actually occured) his body is perfectly preserved. Maybe it's kind of like amber, the stuff that all the Jurassic Park mosquitoes were preserved in...which, if you recall, were the source of the DNA for all those crazy dinosaurs. And in case you were wondering, geckos float in honey.

And of course I threw out the honey right after I took the picture. I picked up the trash can to throw it in there, and out jumps a gecko and lands right on my bare foot. Scared me to death. The geckos are out of control!!

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