Fish spa

Fish spas are the rage all over asia, and Penang is no exception. This was said of our local Penang branch:
"At Happy Feet Fish Spa, you will experience a myriad of feelings – the warm ambiance, the friendly staff, the laughter and smiles, the relaxation as you sit and enjoy the sensation as the fishes feast on your feet. This wonderful experience also comes with an additional benefit which is known to human race as one of the essence of life – Laughter! When the fishes start to swarm your feet, you will feel the initial first minutes of ticklish sensation which will make you laugh and squeal or at least, giggles for the shy ones!"

It would be more appropriately called flesh-eating fish. "Known as Garra rufa, the silvery inch-long fish originate from hot springs in Turkey. It's there that they developed an appetite for the only food around — human flesh." But because they don't have teeth, they technically "kiss the skin" as one salon owner puts it, sucking off the dry skin. The spa "Dr. Fish" says this about maintaining its tanks and fish: "The fish stay well fed on a steady supply of human skin. Over the past few months, technician Le has watched them double in size." Oh man.

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