The art of appreciation

Oh, the things we take for granted...

I ran into a quote in Singapore that says 'the true voyage is not in seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes.' If only our eyes could be opened to how ridiculously amazing everything is. Airplanes. Sidewalks (you don't miss them till they're gone). Velcro. The internet.

And for me, how incredible Malaysia is. The fact that I can see both the rainforest and the ocean from my balcony. There's a waterfall behind there too.

My easter peep and the sea.

I can get the most delicious Chinese and Indian food anytime I want. I have tile floors...my favorite. My airplane ticket to Bangkok cost me a whopping $66...who else could say that? I can drink the tap water (my mom would cringe). I can watch American Idol. I'm able to teach and make a difference in the lives of the poor. I can see movies for $2. I have my very own Malaysian 'tour guide/interpreter' with me always. What an amazing place I live in!!!
We get caught up on the few negative things about where we live that we lose sight of the many, many great things. I could get get mad at my neighbor's drum set, but then I get to hear the tropical birds singing on my balcony every morning. I may miss my Yakima peaches, nectarines, and plums, but I get to eat pineapple, papaya, and dragonfruit!! When I see that dead dog rotting away on the beach, I should be grateful that I leave so near to the sandy shores (as stinky as they are!)

People in general here grumble against the foreign workers from Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and the Phillipines, but I am so grateful for such diversity and the opportunity to serve some of them! I don't even have to go to Indonesia, Nepal, and Bangladesh...they've come to us!

So turn that frown upside down!

This is the 5-star resort that is a 10 minute drive from my place...and my favorite beach chair.

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