Back to America

It's so surreal to be back on American soil. I always wondered how the transition would feel like. My head is still foggy, so I don't don't really know. I went to bed at 7:30 and woke up this morning at 5:30. It's 8am now and I'm already exhausted.

It's funny how my habits have changed so much in a year, for little things that you wouldn't normally think about. Like I always knew I would, I went straight to the wrong side of the car. I will have to get used to this. I freaked out at a few oncoming cars on the right side, but good thing I wasn't driving. I have to re-learn how to cross the street. Here it's "left right left", instead of the Malaysian "right left right left right left". Good thing pedestrians have the right of way! There are so many white people here, and that's normal. I need lotion. I had to re-heat my tea 2 times because it gets cold so fast. The light switches are in different places. The eggs are white. The toilet seats are especially cold. I don't fear my bed collapsing on me at any second. I looked for a sponge in the sink to do my dishes but there's only a dishwasher. The milk is delicious. My hands are always freezing, and I have to wear socks. The showers are steamy and my hair doesn't air-dry in 30 minutes. I met my new niece!

Speaking of changes, there are so many signs of spring here. My mom's tulips and daffodils have bloomed beautifully, as they do every year. The trees are full of white and pink and purple.

I have a stack of Peeps and Cadbury eggs (genuine signs of Easter), at my request. The remnants of easter basket jelly beans (those are always the last to go) sit in a jar on the table. Fresh strawberries!!

My mom had 3 strategically placed "welcome back" signs prepared for me: one at the airport (one guy told he was jealous and wished he had someone to greet him like that), one in my room, and a rather large banner on the garage door to greet me in the driveway. How thoughtful mom. Olivia made many other "welcome back" signs that she taped all over the house. I feel very welcome.

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