Farewell Asia

This is my last post in Malaysia. I fly out at 10pm tonight, exactly 6 hours from now.

I had my last hot and sweaty Malaysian run this morning and my last swim in the currently green pool. I have my last pau (ok maybe two) packed and ready to go. Thanks Reuben :) I'm eating my last masala tosei for dinner on the way to the airport. After that, I'm good to go.

I arrived in Malaysia 15 months ago in one 50lb backpack, and I am leaving with almost 100 pounds of baggage. I have no idea how my stuff doubled in weight.

I'm sad to leave, at least I think I am. My mind hasn't realized yet. I'm so used to coming and going from places, it has become routine. I'm still pretty emotionless and feel rather indifferent right now. The emotions always hit me at the most in-opportune times. We'll see when it happens this time, and which strangers or airline personnel have to awkwardly witness this event.

Goodbye Malaysia! Farewell, for now at least. I'll miss you :(

Signing out from Asia, erin.

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