WA Run

I went for my first 'Back in WA' run on Friday. At first, I was wary about whether I could fare the 60 degree weather (brr!), and if I could brave the outdoors. I'm such a pansy. Having just arrived the afternoon before, I hadn't yet stepped foot out of my house. The idea of 'out there' was rather frightening.

It's amazing how CLEAN AIR makes so much of a difference! No suffocating humidity, or smog from motorbikes or cars. No smoke from burning trash or burning incense from the neighborhood Hindu temple. The air was crisp and clear and smelled like orchard. The cherry trees and the wildflowers in the desert are in full bloom. No mangy stray dogs to leap over, and no traffic to fear. Cars here actually go AROUND you. I could actually run in the day time...I didn't have to go out in the wee hours of the morning or eveningtime to escape the sweltering heat. I didn't have to bring my good morning towel, and I hardly perspired at all, in fact. No long and uncomfortable stares from the migrant workers. Strangers wave and say hello. The lawns are lush and green, and everyone seemed to be working (or paying someone to work) in their yards (including my mother). There's no trash, anywhere. The perfection of it all makes it a little bit creepy, like Wisteria Lane. But the long, open roads are refreshing. So THIS is what running feels like.

It'll never be the same as my rainforest runs. Reuben my faithful training partner/coach is not here to motivate me. We'll see how I adjust.

[Note: my sunday run was on the treadmill]

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