In the Wilderness

I just finished 20 hours of wilderness first aid training. My brain is so fried. I just spent the last 48 hours what to do if someone gets struck by lightning or gets hypothermia. I learned how to irrigate a wound and put fractured bones back into place. If your eyeball gets impailed by a hummingbird, use your hand to squeeze the poor thing to death and leave it in there. If you lose a finger, I'll wrap it up nice and neat for you. I'll take care of your abrasions, lacerations, avulsions, punctures, and impaled objects. I will stabilize your C-spine whether you need it or not, and give you a full head to toe body check. I can do almost anything with ace bandages and a bandana. I had to roleplay a patient that had been in a terrible chain saw accident. I had fake blood splattered all over me yesterday.

So someday you might have your arm crushed by a fallen tree or perhaps a cougar chewed your arm off. You'll be glad to have me with you. "My name's Erin and I'm trained in Wilderness First Aid and I'm here to help you!" (p.s. all I could do for those two cases is stabilize you and wait for you to be evacuated)

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