One of those days

Today was a day off. The weather was rather dreary but it was a perfect day for hot tea and soup and lots of homework! I went running this afternoon, following the curve of the ocean in the misty rain. I almost got blown off of the dock. I went into town with the intention of mailing a letter but was led astray and held captive by the newly decorated Christmas displays at Paper Products. Is it really that time of year? I bought a box of Christmas cards, because I know that I won't have time to make my own this year. I went to T&C and bought some of the most beautiful and fresh seasonal produce, went home and made the hugest and most amazing stew with chorizo. Hopefully it will last me all week.
I went back to my cabin, put away my laundry and tidied up a little bit, but with an extra spring in my step this time - I allowed myself to listen to some "pretend" Christmas music - as in not *entirely* Christmas music, but that which reminds me of the holidays. I'm going to resist the full-blown Christmas music as long as I can, because I am indeed fully aware that Christmas is still a month and a half away. My mind is racing with all the holiday possibilities - crafts, cookies, decorations - but I can't entertain those thoughts just yet. I don't have the time to have my thoughts dwell on such things!!

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