I love the Marsh loop! It's one of the best trails at IslandWood. I woke up from a long nap this afternoon and decided to go on a little adventure. Here's what I discovered.

The top of the watershed! If a raindrop lands here, where does it go? South to Blakely harbor or north Eagle harbor? Who knows!

Evidence of a pileated woodpecker!

Spring has sprung here at IslandWood! Signs of the season can be found everywhere, such as:

Stinging nettles are getting rather tall!

Luckily we have the bracken fern fiddleheads whose milk soothes stings from the nettles...I will be definitely using them this year!

Salmonberry flowers

Licorice fern grows year round...

Douglas squirrels toss the scales from the cones they eat into piles called middens. Some middens are used for generations!

Check out how deep the grooves of this douglas fir tree are!

I made a few discoveries as well. I've never noticed this little bird home before:

I love stumbling upon art in the forest!

Finally, to the bird blind!

Thank you, Starbucks.

Twas a successful journey. I know every pothole and turn in the trails here at IslandWood, and yet I discover new things every day.

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