Every Spring I begin a love affair with Peeps. Oh, the delicious marshmallow-y goodness, dusted with 100% pure and refined sugar and artificially colored sparkle! I don't understand why people could dislike such a marvelous creation.

Peeps aren't something I normally purchase for myself - tradition dictates that they must be part of my annual Easter basket. My brother gets them too, but he doesn't like them. I exchange a few of my Cadbury eggs for his Peeps, although I have to admit that I also have a weakness for Cadbury eggs. May I just expand that to say most easter candy, actually. And every food associated with Easter: hard-boiled eggs, breakfast casserole, ham, my mom's artichoke dip. Yum.

Easter is still a month away and my Peeps obsession has already commenced. My mom made the mistake of sending me some Peeps for Valentines Day - hearts and "I ♥ U". Valentines Day came and went, and as my cabinmate who hates Valentines Day says, "without it, my favorite holiday wouldn't exist - February 15th - half price candy day!" The Valentines Day candy shelves were quickly replaced by the Easter variety, and the heart-shaped Peeps went on sale, because nobody wanted heart shapes anymore - people had their eyes on those chicks and bunnies. I don't mind living in the past, however, and I couldn't help but buy more. I got a package of them the other day for 9 cents. My favorite way to eat them is soaked in hot chocolate.

Upon further research, I discovered a delightfully whimsical Peeps website: http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com/

In another piece of thrilling news, the Peeps company recently opened up a retail store in Maryland! I MUST visit!

And guess what I want to be for Halloween this year?

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