Aha moment

I just looked at the time (3:10pm) and here is where my thoughts instantaneously went: "Oprah's almost on!"

Oprah was on my instinctual schedule for many years. I had an 'appointment' with her ever day at 4 o'clock. My daily schedule seemed to be hinged on that time. I had to make it home from class in time to watch her show. In college the end of Oprah meant dinner time. I knew it was winter when it was dark when Oprah was on, I knew it was spring when the sun still shone when her show was over.

Here at IslandWood I have no tv and have basically watched nothing in the past 9 months except Project Runway (online). Not even Oprah. I almost forgot about her, even. Until this very moment. I have regressed.

Logging onto Oprah.com, I see that today's episode feature the "Octomom". Eh. I can do without.

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