Happy Easter!

Never too little to hunt for easter eggs...

A chilly Easter afternoon in the backyard

Not sure what they were looking at...

I think that Nintendo underestimated how often their Wii remotes would be used as baby chew toys

I stumbled upon one of my old Easter dresses in the closet...the laciest, pinkest, poofiest of them all! Oh man.

Easter lunch set up, including my tissue paper flowers that took me 2 hours to create

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  1. Nice pictures! and snow on flowers in Cowiche canyon...something I must see besides the barrenness that I'm familiar with.
    Sorry Easter here in Malaysia isn't like you normally have it. when I was younger at church they gave us boiled eggs to take home. Did you eat those painted eggs? I'm really out of eggs for days now, so you better not be wasting!


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