This week was my last week of teaching SOP at IslandWood, and today was my very last full teaching day. Unbelievable!

It was my last time to write a flow on the board.

It was our last time singing "My Barnacle".

It was my last time forcing my students to lug around peanut butter, turkey, and bottles of mayo and jelly, and my last time eating crate lunches!

The last time exploring the harbor!

And of course, when we needed to go through the gate for the last time, the lock wouldn't budge. Lucky for bushwacking and the end of the fence!

It was my last time to hang out in the prep room after a long field day, sharing stories and laughing at each other's crazy children.

And, (luckily) it was my last time having to eat Wednesday night cheese pizza! Despite the never-changing menu, I will miss eating and hanging out in the dining hall.

It was my last chance to drum the djembe at campfire, the last time singing Rattlin' Bog, doing the fireworks clap, and the kids slideshow.

A FIRST (and a last) for us tonight was our very own instructor slideshow with pictures of us that had been taken throughout the year - courtesy of Ilya and Minna, this week's liaisons. It was followed by a 'campfire' of our own.

Does it really have to end??

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