the table where rich people sit.

I love Byrd Baylor. I have read her books throughout the year and I never met a kid that didn't like them. However, I think I enjoy reading them more than the kids like listening to them. The Table Where Rich People Sit is one of my favorites. Read it. It will change your life.

I chose to read this book on the last day of my last teaching week. After all, what more do I want students to understand than the fact that life is MORE than the things they acquire? After I read the story, I asked my students: What means more to you than money? What in your life is priceless? Kids, even in 5th grade, get so wrapped up in STUFF, without realizing it. One of the most surprising things that children discover here is that it IS possible to go 4 days without a Wii or a cell phone or an ipod. What a beautiful thing to offer children the gift of appreciation for LIFE.

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