Jellyfish revisted

Now that I'm getting back into this blog thingy I'm trying to get to know the features and I've stumbled into the "Stats" page of my dashboard. It has statistics on how many people have viewed the blog and breaks it down into which posts were 'most popular'. Perplexingly, one that I wrote last year called "Chironex fleckeri" gets an astonishing number of hits per week. Why? I had posted a picture of a jellyfish I had found on a beach in Malaysia and placed my sandal next to it to see it proportionately, and I had commented on how I was terrified of jellyfish after watching the movie "The pursuit of happyness". There's no way to tell exactly WHO is checking your blog (and I don't really care, anyway), but you can tell what search engine they used to find it (and if they were using a Mac or PC). I noticed that most were coming from google images, so I decided to enter "Chironex fleckeri" into google images to see what pops up. Looking at the pictures and remembering the movie makes me yet again terrified of jellyfish, and amongst the pictures of long tentacles and badly-lacerated legs stung by them, was MY picture.

The picture of the jellyfish and my flip-flop, popping up as #13 on google images. I have no idea how google images works, and am even more perplexed as to why my blog picture would even show up. Poor, unfortunate people (probably college or high school students doing projects on Chironex fleckeri, or perhaps someone just as terrified of them as I am) stumble upon my blog and are surely disappointed that it is not a scientific discourse on the species. I highly doubt that the jellyfish that I saw was even the same species. Isn't Google supposed to be smarter than that?

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