One of the best perks of being a student at UW is the U-Pass. The U-Pass is a brilliant idea that UW conjured up to encourage students to use public transportation. U-Passes cost $99 a quarter (roughly 10 weeks). Assuming I go to campus 3x a week (often more, and sometimes I require 4 in a day), that would require me paying bus fare six times...and at $2.25 that really adds up. When our house was broken into, they (he, she, whoever) took my ID beloved U-pass. I was lost without it. I had to stop by RiteAid on the way to school on Tuesday to conjure up $1 bills and quarters to pay the bus fare. I had to take the little transfer ticket. Ugh. I definitely needed a new UW ID, but wasn't sure whether I should buy another U-Pass for the remaining 3 1/2 weeks of the quarter left, as it cost $40 to replace. I did the math and calculated that it was worth it. Even if it hadn't have been cost effective, I think that the value of not having to worry about dollar bills and quarters and transfer tickets would have been worth it. Simply having to flash my U-Pass to the bus driver on the way out is brilliant (brilliant in the British sense of the term).

When I was inquiring about purchasing my new U-Pass, I discovered that not ONLY is it good for King county transportation, but KITSAP as well. Meaning, Bainbridge! Why haven't I figured out this before now! Reuben graciously drives me to and from the ferry. He's a dedicated chauffeur. I've always seen the buses waiting by the ferry, but the only thing I've ever known about them is that they only run at peak commuting times (a.k.a. mornings and afternoons/evenings, not during weekends). There's a bus stop right outside our street, and now instead of wasting gas and Reuben's time, I can take the bus home! Hooray for buses and the U-Pass!

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