I'm not simply ready for winter to be overwith and spring to arrive. I need me some warm and dry and sunny weather. We recently experienced the warmest day of the year so far! It reached 58 degrees, I believe. Reuben and I for a run on the nearby sun-filled high-school track in the morning and set off after lunch to Fort Ward with a blanket and reading materials. There's nothing sweeter in my life right now that a break in precipitation and a little sunshine. It was even dry long enough to hang dry my linens! I've learned enough from the past month of my life to not be convinced that it's all warmth and sunny skies from here. After all, "Sweet April ( March, February, & January) showers brings May flowers."

"There is solace in every breeze. Support in the ground below you. Nurturance in every raindrop. Compassion within the warmth of sunlight. In gratitude for these we will find connection and healing."

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