Queen Anne

Once every couple weeks, Reuben comes into Seattle on Friday afternoon and meets me after class. Normally we walk around downtown, find some place to eat (our favorite is Mike's Noodle House in Chinatown), get something from Starbucks, and head home. The winter was so dark this season (or maybe it seemed worse to me!) that it was dark by 4:30 and walking through downtown Seattle, although not dangerous by any means (if you know where to avoid) is not the most pleasant experience.

Today was a beautiful Friday. The sun was shining, I got out of class early, and temperatures ventured into the 50s. It stays light till past 7:30pm now. It's practically summer! I had been thinking about visiting this neighborhood for a long time, but today we finally managed to make it there: Queen Anne! I spent a total of 3 years of my life here, while attending Seattle Pacific. Some fond memories, most not so much. I did love taking walks through the beautiful neighborhood, hanging out at Starbucks and in the Queen Anne community with all its hills and secret stairways. I didn't quite remember where to do, but we just started walking and ended up at one of my most favorite spots on Queen Anne. Lovely view.

One thing I love about April in Seattle is the cherry blossoms. UW is ablaze in whitish pinkish flowers, and Queen Anne was no exception. Magnolias are beginning to bloom as well!

We stopped for dinner at the Queen Anne Cafe. I had a Greek Salad that was MOST delicious and Reuben had a gigantic veggie omlette. Yum. We spotted this on a nearby menu, but for some reason Reuben didn't seem tempted:

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