True Spring

Saturday was a true spring day. In other words, it fulfilled two of my unofficial criteria for spring: 1) sun and 2) warm (a.k.a. above 60 degrees).

Reuben came into Seattle and I planned out an excursion to Fremont. Look what we "happened" to "stumble across"!

A chocolate factory! Mmmmmm Theo chocolate. What's even better than Theo chocolate? Unlimited Theo chocolate samples.

We decided to walk all that cocoa off on our way to Gas Works park. I used to walk this way from Seattle Pacific.

I think I found our next house! (in my dreams)

I heard several people on several different occasions say that everyone in Seattle had waited until today to crawl out of their houses and outside. They all decided to congregate at Gas Works park. It felt like we were all collectively feeling the warmth of the sun for the first time!

We walked past the Fremont Troll, but were too tired to walk up the hill. Lazy bums.

And our ferry home to the island rode into the sunset!

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