Month of May

I have to say that, despite the lack of spring around here, we have had a few beautiful days. We spent most of these days outside, of course. Primarily in our backyard, which is actually very a very pleasant and peaceful place to be.
We discovered a bird nest in some of our forget-me-not flower bushes.

Mommy bird wasn't too happy with our discovery.

This apple tree is the sunniest spot of the backyard, so it dries our clothes for us.

We got a new bird-feeder - which apparently is attractive enough for our resident squirrels to climb up the side of the house to try to leap onto it. It has succeeded several times, and ruined our screen door in the process.

We also ate most of our meals outside.

We went on bike rides - but sometimes Reuben biked and I drove to the beach to meet him there :)

I read a really great book

We went to the Farmer's Market.

After these few glorious days of sunshine, it basically went back to winter. Blah, in the high 40's, rainy. Having tasted a bit of the good life, I now can look back and know that we wouldn't have had the beautiful days full of green if it wasn't for the rain. No more complaining for me.

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