Last day of school

There's always something thrilling about the last day of school. Come to think of it, it normally consisted of a party, pizza, and half day (sometimes stopping by McDonalds on the way home!). What's the point, academically speaking? Surely the teachers would have preferred the 2nd to last day of school to be the last day of school, because it's the teacher's job to make sure learning takes place, and I don't remember any learning occurring at these parties. I guess they give closure to students.

Anyway, today was my LAST day of school, ending my 20-year academic career. That's not even including a few years I took off. There was no party, no pizza or McDonalds, and it was a full 12-hour day between leaving home and coming back. I had some time to kill in between classes/responsibilities, however, so I made the most of it. My first stop was to the career center at UW. I had them look over my resume because now, of course, I am finally entering the adult world where these sorts of things are important. The career counselor told me that it looked great and I wouldn't have any trouble getting hired. Ha, does he know the job market these days for graduates?

After that encouragement (it only lasted for a little bit), I headed back to Capitol Hill for my last time tutoring at SBOC. I had some time to kill so I stopped and played with Snug, a very friendly neighborhood cat. She followed me for a couple of blocks and I couldn't pull myself away from her she was so playful. She ended up running off after a butterfly.

After wandering around the neighborhood a little bit I stopped at a patch of poppies which are, starting this season, becoming to be my favorite flower. But I think the bumblebees already preceded me to this liking.

My last day at SBOC was rather uneventful. Still working on fractions. And I realized just how confusing teaching North, South, East, and West is to an English Language Learner. Not the concept of it, but which word to use. Yes, California is South of Oregon, but Oregon is North of California. It actually gets quite complicated and the other girl assisting in the classroom had to ask me to explain it to her.

I had to come back to UW again for my final class /presentation. I took a new way today, walking through the school of forestry section. I can't believe that I've never been here before. I discovered a garden, and I ate from it too. Mmm I need to get myself some sorrel.

My friend Charlie had mentioned to me last week that the Blue Herons had been nesting in this part of campus. I couldn't remember exactly where she had told me they were, but if you were anywhere near that place you would figure out where they were. They're a noisy bunch! There were 2 giant adult Herons and a baby, all in that little nest. No wonder they were making so much noise!

Anyway, that's basically it. It was a day of sights, sounds, munching in community gardens, and animal observation. All of the little things that made up the day far superseded my last class, which was uneventful and anticlimactic. But I headed home a free woman!

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