Fall seemed to march right past me and now it seems like we're in the thick of it. My experience with weather this past year has been so crazy. We suffered through a long winter, and never really got a spring in Seattle. We came back to Yakima and it was summer. We came to CO Springs and it was summer, yet of a different sort. We've been shuffling ourselves around to different places for the past month or so, and in the meantime fall came. CO Springs had the craziest rainstorm that lasted for 48 hours, the most rainfall they've ever recorded, and more than 1/4 of their annual average precipitation, including snow. It was in the 30s yesterday when we woke up.

I have to say that summer is still my favorite season, because I like warm nights and feeling nice and toasty 24 hours a day. I like sitting in a hot car (within reason - one exception being Phoenix in the summer). We're headed off to Malaysia in the next month or so, and we'll completely bypass winter and spring. And because of that, I'm excited to go back to Yakima and have mini fall festivities before we depart. Fresh apples. Homemade applesauce. Cider. Sweaters. Maybe even the fireplace. I love coziness of fall.

[In Vail]

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