On the hunt

It’s a bizarre feeling being back in Penang. Perhaps in part due to the queasiness that lingers in my belly, partly because I’m back at my old place, and lastly because of the fact that EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. I’ve gotten married. I went to grad school. So much of my perspective on life has changed, I’ve grown and been stretched, and hopefully for the wiser.

We’re deep into the throes of apartment hunting, a venture for me that is completely foreign. I’ve never had to secure my old living arrangements before, oddly enough. And now I know how lucky I was. It’s stressful! We want to get into our own place asap. AS SOON as possible! We desperately need a rest and need a place to settle down in and feel comfortable. And maybe, if we’re lucky, after 6 long months, we can unpack our suitcases!

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