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Living in Malaysia has its pros and cons. Living in Seattle, Reuben and I had more than the occasional craving for a good bowl of noodles. Luckily, Chinatown was not far and the food was fairly decent. Now, we're back to noodle heaven. Definitely a hit.

What do I miss? Well, in theory I shouldn't miss anything, because, frankly, I've only been gone a week and haven't had time to really go without anything. But it is my firm belief that just BEING in another place, where you're just not able to go to the store and find, say molasses, makes you crave it.

I miss hot chocolate. Starbucks has satisfied this craving this afternoon. I miss Oprah. The OWN network was my dream come true. On the flip side, I still can enjoy TLC on Reuben's mom's TV. I can still get my dose of Cake Boss and Nigella. Then again, we don't have Fox, so we cannot get our fix of Glee. I sort of miss using the internet, although ever since school ended I've been kind of tired of it. I do, however, miss looking up recipes online, and following my favorite blogs, Ohsheglows and Dailygarnish. And on the subject of food, I do sorely miss cooking. I had such a heyday cooking back in Yakima and I came here and it all came to a halt. No oven. How am I going to make my Christmas cookies? That thought makes me a little sad. Speaking of Christmas, THAT thought makes me sick. How am I going to survive this year? I only brought a handful of Christmas decorations. The fake bubble-snow that the malls do here will only be fun for awhile. What about my mom's baklava? Alas, I will have to continue coming to starbucks to get my red cup fix. A little hot chocolate and a few mini candy canes (which I wisely packed in my suitcase) will go a long way.

Sigh. I should probably stop now. There's a lot of things I will miss, and a lot of things I already miss, but the fact of the matter is, there's a lot of things I am excited about! The warm weather, the funny looking Santas at the malls, and there's nothing better than hearing Chinese people sing Christmas carols. It's just something about their accents!

Ok, better get pinning on Pinterest now. Pinning Christmas things, of course.

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