A miracle

A miracle has occurred! This afternoon, I unpacked my suitcases. They're empty, see for yourself!

We have finally found an apartment and moved in two days ago. So far, we're really happy with it. We're on the 26th floor of a 27-floor building, have 2 bedrooms which is pretty well furnished. We have a wonderful balcony with a stellar view and a great ocean breeze coming through all the time. Yay!

Although our apartment is "furnished", it didn't come with much of any kitchen stuff, so we needed to purchase the essentials such as dishes, pots, a spatula, boring stuff like that. Yesterday, Reuben thought it would be a great idea to drive to Georgetown (the old historical part of the Island) to shop in the Chinese stores. Don't be deceived: this is no Williams-Sonoma. These are made up of total chaos, where they don't have room to store everything so they hang it from the ceiling and stuff the aisles until there isn't one anymore.

At least we got what we needed, and now I can say I bought my kitchenwares in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our next stop (and my most favorite) was Sims, the baking mecca of Penang. Now, I don't exactly have my toaster oven (that's all I can hope for here in Penang) in my possession yet, but I'm so excited to get baking again that I couldn't wait to get my essentials: whole wheat flour, sugar, yeast, blah blah blah.

Seriously, this place is amazing. I was personally escorted into the secret "chocolate room" in the back where I picked out my imported cocoa powder. Joy! It got even better when we found out the owner's son lives in Seattle and went to UW. Now we're on the Sims' good side.

No trip to Georgetown would be complete without stopping at Reuben's favorite coconut man. Oh coconut water, I missed you!

Then today we went to Tesco. This is the British version of a Walmart, and a new one just opened just 2 miles from our apt. That's good news, considering we didn't have any good shopping options on our side of the island before. My most exciting purchase of the day: Basil seeds. I'll give seed-starting a try! My first craft venture was to make some starter-pots from toilet paper rolls.

I'm hoping that the ocean view will make them burst out of their little seeds faster.

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