Banana leaf

Let me introduce you to what might possibly be my favorite food in the whole world. Even more than strawberries or no-bake cookies. If I really had to choose only one thing to eat for the rest of my life, I'm pretty sure it would be this.

It's served on a banana leaf. It comes with a large mound of white rice, 3 veggie dishes, and sides of dhal, the curry of your choice, rassam, and pappadam. All for about $1.50. Did I mention you get unlimited refills? (though I rarely get that far)

Ever since I got to Malaysia and my stomach had a rough transition back to Asian food, and ever since I had my stomach bug a few weeks ago, I have had huge cravings for white rice. Not brown rice, though that's what I always eat at home. White, bland, starchy, perfectly cooked rice. I think that means my digestive system is adapting.

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  1. i finally found your blog! now i will follow you and be a stalker in your life. ps. i'm glad you like white rice. brown rice is the most horrible thing ever even if it's healthy.


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