Christmas spirit

I've come to realize, probably for the first time in my life, that the Christmas 'spirit' (whatever that may be) doesn't just descend on me anymore. I'd have to force myself some Christmas cheer if I wanted it, because it's not around me everywhere. Christmas came and went without much hoop-la this year. I didn't put up any decorations - I know, shocking - only made one attempt at baking (fail), and didn't even watch my favorite Christmas movie, Elf, this year. The one thing we did do this year, and a good tradition to keep, actually, was to make an advent calendar with daily readings of prophecies from the old testament and ending with the fulfillment in the new testament. We realized that we've gotten so caught up in the traditions of Christmas that really have no relation to the birth of Christ, so it gave me a different perspective than I've ever had. Refreshing.

We went to KL for Christmas. Reuben was sick the week leading up to Christmas, and he was only starting to feel a little bit better by the 23rd, so we headed to the city then. I helped drive :) And because Christmas is so much about the food, I made sure to take pictures of what I ate that day. Note: no marshmallow crescent rolls for breakfast, and no Christmas ham. And most unfortunate of all, not my mothers Christmas baklava.

The closest wifi connection to Reuben's mom's house in KL is an indian restaurant called Anouska. We went on Christmas morning to eat breakfast and to skype with my family. I realize that this picture looks really unspectacular, but this tosei really is delicious.

Reuben's mom made us lunch so we at before we left (we had to head back on Christmas day because I had to teach the next morning). Her food is always delicious, and I wish I knew her secrets. But this plate of food should read: DANGER for me, because my stomach does not enjoy the food as much as my mouth does. It takes me a few days to recuperate.

If Reuben and I have a Christmas tradition here in Malaysia (this was my 3rd Christmas here, I think), it's going to the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at the Wesley Methodist Church. It's beautiful, and Reuben gets the chance to see friends from the olden-days.

So with that, Merry Christmas, and more timely, happy new year!

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