Disaster in the kitchen

Good afternoon, or good morning, wherever you are. Would you like a Christmas cookie?

Festive, no?

It all started this afternoon when I decided to make these. Cookies made with fresh ginger? Why not? Described as 'especially good'? Yes please!

It was actually a recipe I could duplicate perfectly, unlike most things I cook or bake. I was setting myself up for Christmas cookie success. After all, this was probably the only Christmas cookie I would make this season. It had to be perfect.

Enter wheat molasses.

This still perplexes me. The friendly lady at Sim told me this was the real deal, so I purchased this bag of goo unreservedly. I didn't know anything was wrong until I went to open it today, to make my perfect ginger cookies. You know that deep, dark taste that molasses normally has? Nope. Sweetness? None here. Sticky? This stuff was like sap. It was really fun to wash the dishes afterwards.

So my cookies would have none of that molasses-y goodness. But my pre-baked oven awaits and I'll bake them anyway.

Enter electric oven.

This is what my cookies looked like in about 5 minutes. You see that corner burning in the back? That's how my oven rolls. In the end, I ended up just shoveling the uni-cookie in its entirety onto a plate.

Luckily for him, my husband cannot taste anything because of his throat infection. Unluckily for him, he has literally been sleeping all day, besides watching a few episodes of Heroes season one. My first kitchen disaster of the day was to try to make him some chicken rice porridge, which I totally burned (but he can't taste that either). So I can't just blame my kitchen failures on my oven.

The mystery of the wheat molasses remains. From what I read, molasses is made from cane sugar. Period. Not even google is aware of a molasses made of wheat. Well, it doesn't matter anymore, what remains of the molasses is in the garbage.

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