Growing basil

I planted my basil seeds on Dec 1st, the day after we moved into our new place. A week went by, then 10 days, and I started to think that they were duds. Then finally, after shielding them away from the wind and rain and sun, and making sure they were well (but not too much) watered, they proved to me that they were still alive! They currently sit on top of our washing machine and I have to rotate them every day so they don't bend too far toward the light from the window.

I've been craving basil ever since I put those seeds in the dirt, and I don't have the patience to wait until these guys grow up. Malaysian food uses surprisingly little basil, considering that its neighbor to the North uses it ALL the time. I can't even find basil at the morning market, where they usually have everything under the sun. I finally found some packaged stuff at the supermarket yesterday. I've been waiting to make this. Oh man, it is delicious. I licked the blender. I made it early in the day so that all those nice flavors can meld together before throwing it in some pasta and chicken. I can't wait for dinner!!

Those sprouts better grow up fast! They don't know what's coming!

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