The essentials

There are a few things that I carry around with me pretty much everywhere I go. My precious pair of craft scissors, mini rolls of scotch tape, raffia, and hot glue. They have all been utilized quite well here so far.

I did indeed bring my glue gun with me, but unfortunately I forgot the converter to go with it. Reuben finally came home one day with an Asian-electricity-compatible hot glue gun in hand. The best $5 ever spent. Hot glue is a miracle if you want to spruce up your place without leaving any marks. Especially on concrete walls, like ours. I picked up this little secret when living in the dorms at SPU. Since then (yesterday) I've put up curtains, and used the hot glue for hemming the fabric and hanging the curtains with hot glue. I'm quite proud of how I gathered the curtains (again....with hot glue).

Excuse the messy kitchen. We're working on storage solutions right now....also a project on my list.

I also made some no-sew pillows.

Yes, those are salmon-colored couches. I am attempting to make them look nice by complementing them with nice yellow colors. Another project.

I also hot glued a star out of twigs and raffia. On my occasional walks around the neighborhood I have been collecting random sticks and twigs, and bringing them up to our place. People often carry sticks to keep off the stray dogs around here, but a bundle of sticks? People think I'm crazy. I also made Reuben pick up a wood pallet last week. It was broken and dirty but I gave it a little bit of love, and now it has so much potential! Another project.

Yesterday I discovered that the landscaping guy has been harvesting bamboo next to the pool. I have forced Reuben to hunt him down to see if we can take some. If so...another project.

As you can see, I am trying to keep busy making our place cozy while we're making our decisions on exactly what we'll be doing here. A lot of things slow down in Dec/Jan because of Christmas and Chinese New Year, so most of our work will only start to ramp up in January.

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