Living on the 26th

I've come to embrace, and even enjoy living on the 26th floor. I thought that I would miss being able to take the stairs, but discovered that NOPE! Elevators are really great. Reuben and I always talk about doing a stair workout but who knows when/if that will happen. Probably when pigs fly.

What's also great about living on the 26th? The view, of course. Yesterday was Chinese New Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai!) and there is lots of partying going on, with plenty of fireworks all around the neighborhood for us to watch. There's a big private party down at the pool this evening with a live jazz band that we've been enjoying. The party included fireworks!

I also love to sit and watch traffic. On (the Western calendar) New Years Eve, the police put a road block up right below us and it was very exciting to watch. Yesterday, traffic was wicked going West to Batu Ferringhi. I like to be lazy and sit on my balcony sipping diet coke and thinking about how all of those lame people down there are suffering in traffic (little do they know it's been backed up for 2 hours - good luck, suckers!)

I also like to watch people in the pool. I took this picture this afternoon as Reuben was swimming:

Note: Our pool is NEVER this crowded. In fact, it is hardly ever used, and 90% of the time I have to pool area to myself, except for a few sun-bathing expat retiree couples that don't even swim.

Second note: Everytime I look down at the pool, I think of this:

There are also perils to living on the 26th floor. Some brilliant building planners put a large window right behind our kitchen sink. I lost a fork out the window a couple of weeks ago, which concerns me because I have now idea what lies 26 floors below me. I sincerely apologize to anyone who was impaled by it. Yesterday a sheet took flight as it was drying on our balcony railing and nearly sailed off and away. Luckily it was clung by the lone clothespin that I had placed it with. I always wonder what the flight path of an object thrown off our balcony would be. Would it hit the pool? Would the wind take it? Would it come back and land on a balcony somewhere below us? Soooooo tempting!

Just a thought. We're off to Bangkok tomorrow. We'll be back monday!

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