Missing Snowmageddon

Snowmageddon came back to Washington and I miss it. I miss....when our electricity going out and waking up to a house at 37 degrees (true story). I miss going to the beach and building a snowman....just because we can.

Or going on a walk to the high school track to make some fresh prints in the snow....

Or deciding to go hiking along the Lower Big Quilcene River in the Olympic National Forest.

Or remember when we returned from Yakima after thanksgiving and we had to throw out everything in our fridge and freezer. Fun!

Two days ago it was so hot here that I took 3 showers in one day. "Sticky" is the most common feeling here. Luckily the rain has come and that has cooled things down a bit. A bit as in, I can actually sleep under a sheet at night. Not exactly snowmageddon, but I'll count this one as a victory.

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  1. you are not missing anything!! It is horrible here. at first it seemed fun, but now it's just getting scary. Maybe it's because I'm all alone and have no one to play in the snow with me and build a huge snow igloo.


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