Bangkok a.k.a. food

Back from Bangkok! As I'm looking through pictures from our trip, I realized that probably 80% of my snapshots were of food. So let's just cut right to the good stuff, and, let's be honest, the real reason we chose to go to Thailand: the FOOD.

Rule number 1 of Bangkok is that you must eat from places like this:

and this:

I'm sure that some of the food in Thailand that is served within four walls is delicious, but there is nothing like sitting on a plastic stool on the sidewalk.

And it's even better if there are giant bowls of vegetables on the table, for you to add at your leisure. There's nothing more beautiful and deliciously satisfying to me than a giant bouquet of basil. The ultimate dining experience.

And don't forget the fruit

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw these strawberries. I was just telling Reuben last week that I missed eating them.

And rule number 1.b: eat this. LOTS of it.

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  1. mango and sticky rice! I WANT NOW! I miss Thailand. You guys should go visit the YWAM base in Cambodia sometime since you guys end up being so close to there when you go to Thailand!


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