Haves & Have-nots

We're lucky that we can get almost anything here in Penang. *Almost everything, that is. I was thinking recently about this and started making a list in my head....

Have not: Pandora does not stream here...boo.
Alternative: Grooveshark. I'm still new to it, but I'm hopeful.

Have not: Netflix.
Alternative: We have friends with very large movie collections.

Have not: avocados.
Alternative: none. But I did make some delicious pineapple salsa last night. I consider that to be in the same 'food genre"

Have not: Jillian Michael's DVD collection. Currently sold nowhere on the island, although I have not tried KL.
Alternative: I will have to stick with the one DVD of hers I do have. It rocks.

Have not: Sidewalks.
Alternative: none.

Have not: Almond milk. I love it!
Alternative: I'm going to try making my own....it seems pretty easy!

Have not: Glee...*sigh. We recently found a knock-off version of the first half of the current season. But it's killing me to have not seen Ricky Martin's guest starring episode (dream come true?)
Alternative: American Idol. I stay up ridiculously late (it usually goes from 10-midnight) watching season 11.

Have not: Whole Living magazine. When we were in CO Springs, I devoured the back issues of the magazine at the library.
Alternative: Wholeliving.com

Have not: Greek yogurt
Alternative: I've made my own a time or two. We got some cheap-o handkerchiefs as wedding favors a few months ago and they serve as perfect strainers.

On the flipside, here are some things that we DO have:

Coffee Bean & Starbucks. A new Starbucks just opened up about 2 miles from us, that has an amazing patio overlooking the marina. Its hours are 10am-midnight. Coffee doesn't seem to be a common morning ritual for people here, unlike in the U.S.

Borders book store. Looks exactly like the one in the states... and didn't those all shut down last year?

Charlie Brown Cafe. How strange and random!

Forever 21, although I think I'm a little too old for that now.

T.G.I. Fridays & Chilis restaurants. If only they would open a Chipotle....

We have very cute monkeys.

Fruit! Delicious tropical fruit.

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