When I was young, I learned how to needlepoint (back then I called it "cross stitch", but doesn't needlepoint sound more "professional")? So I learned how to needlepoint and I was obsessed. I would get cross stitch design books for gifts and my mom would take me to the craft store to buy thread and fabric. My 'artwork' was composed mostly of Precious Moments and baby sea otters. I told you....I was young! I gave away most of my finished products. It was my ultimate goal to make a quilt from the collection of 20 baby otter cross stitches that I was going to eventually finish. Yea....that never happened. I built a huge collection of thread at home that I still have. I grew out of the habit and when I thought about it again last year, I tried to find a project that I could do to keep busy. Scouring craft stores everywhere and online, I couldn't find anything that didn't involve Thomas Kincade or cheesy beach/cottage scenes. I just couldn't find anything that I would even want to work on. Sadly, the needlepoint industry hasn't evolved to more *ahem* contemporary trends.

I happened to be reading World magazine back in Yakima this fall and I saw an ad for a needlepoint featuring the six days of creation. No matter what my beliefs on the first chapters of Genesis are, I think these are completely epic (and I don't use the word epic lightly) and completely worth my time and effort. Plus they would take me forever = a good thing! Too bad they are $78 each. I think my parents would faint with excitement if I gave them these (creation pillows for the couch would totally be my parents style, after all) but no, I am not going to spend $500 for the kits alone. Sorry mom and dad! But aren't they amazing?

Where I was going with all of this is that I stopped by Kawan Shop yesterday (the YWAM-run thrift store downtown) and I found a needlepoint kit! It's a super cheesy scene of a light house but I don't care. It will bring back memories of the olden days of Precious Moments and sea otters, and perhaps I can find someone to give the finished product to here that would appreciate it.

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