In case you are wondering:

What I am cooking/baking: Homemade Larabars (except no baking/cooking required)

What I am watching: (Note: If you have not discovered TedTalks, you need to!)

What I am reading online: Why "Did you have fun?" is the wrong question. I've never thought about it that way before!

What I am reading that is made of paper: Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. I just stumbled upon this book at a local used book store (which I just discovered!) I don't know why I've never read this book before, but reading this about Bainbridge Island got me super excited to read it.

What I am experimenting with: I am going to attempt replacing my shampoo/conditioner with baking soda/apple cider vinegar. Here I find myself sometimes needing to wash my hair 2x a day because I'm in the pool or because my entire head gets soaked with sweat when I run. Anyway, I've heard it works wonders. Today is day one.

Where I am running:

Just around the neighborhood!'

What I miss about home: I've been missing my friends from Bainbridge lately. And avocados.

What I ate for breakfast: My new fave, oat bakes.

What I am wondering: How I can make 6 dozen cookies to bring to my school tomorrow with only one baking sheet and a very weak oven?

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