Reuben and I are leaving for Kathmandu tomorrow! Reuben's 7-day water seminar begins on March 24. We're heading out a few days early and will stay a few days afterward, coming back on April 6th. My preparations:

Download 2 Lonely Planet Nepal chapters - because I can't survive without Lonely Planet, and they are coming out with a new edition in July so I didn't want to buy the current book (plus, it's ridiculously expensive here!) Lonely Planet sells their chapters as PDFs now!

Brushed up on my DSLR camera functions - and I'm bringing a handy guide. If I'm going to take the effort to lug around my huge camera, I'd might as well know how to use it.

Made 2 batches of LARA Bars, which makes about 6 normal size bars. Yum.

Ziplocked (let's pretend that is a real verb because you all know what I mean) my instant oats - because all I need is hot water!

Printed my at-home body-weight workouts - because I need an indoor alternative.

Borrowed jacket - because I didn't even bring one here.

Borrowed books - yay! I just got my card for the Dalat school library. It's practically the best thing that's ever happened to me. I wisely selected my traveling books my based on size and weight. No hardcover books allowed!

Emptied refrigerator - We'll only be gone a little over 2 weeks, but I used up everything perishable in last night's sweet and sour tofu. You really don't know how gross your fridge is until there's nothing in it - so I also got around to cleaning it today.

Our flight leaves from here at 8am, and we'll get into Kathmandu in the early afternoon. They are 2 hours and 15 minutes behind us. Why the 15 minutes? I just learned that here.

I am looking forward to a change in weather - it's been unreasonably hot & humid here and it is currently 73 degrees F in Kathmandu right now. That, to me right now, sounds like bliss. I'm hoping for clear skies so we can see the Annapurnas!

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