Yep...we're back from Nepal. We came back late Friday night. Something about this trip hit me hard and we've been in recovery mode since then, doing things like NOT eating rice (thank goodness), scrubbing the dirt off our bodies (dust was so bad in Kathmandu!), and generally trying to detox from several bouts of stomach bugs/bad water/maybe this is how my stomach reacts to eating rice all day every day.

Penang feels like Paradise to me now, though the humidity hit me like a brick when we came back, adding to my sluggishness.

Things I have been doing since our return:

Salads. Eating lots of salads. And smoothies. Not rice.

Soaking/scrubbing shoes. Did I mention how bad the dust was? The rain in our final 2 days turned it to mud, making sure the dust was encrusted in them.

Briefing myself on American Idol. I missed 2 whole weeks of it!

Using shampoo. To keep with my new hair routine of baking soda/ACV, I brought plenty of the stuff with me to Nepal. Starting from Day one no amount of baking soda/scalp massaging/rinse-repeat would get the grease out of my hair. Three days later I broke down and bought a bottle of Pantene Pro V. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate worked like a charm. I'll try to transition out of it again....eventually.

I'm now on the upswing again, but the first couple of days were terrible. I came down with a cough-turned-congestion in the last days there which lingered on too long. I'm pretty sure I looked like death on Easter, of all Sundays.

I haven't even looked at our pictures of the trip. I haven't even taken them off the camera. Have I unpacked the camera?

I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. And I'll post some pictures if I think about it. Reuben will write his inspiring newsletter about how gloriously the water seminar went and how excited everyone is to build a water tank and a ram pump and how we should do it again soon. I will write, in the meantime, how grateful I am to be HOME.

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