Nepal Part 2

We had another six days in Nepal after the seminar ended. We wanted to get out of the city so we went to Pokhara. It was an arduous 7 hour bus ride (longer on the way back because protesters blocked the roads for about an hour on two separate occasions - that's the people of Nepal's way of getting the government's attention....it doesn't seem to be working though!) but worth it, to be in a more relaxing place, right on Lake Phewa.
Thank you for the welcome...we're glad to be here too.
Reuben was happy because they had real coffee and I drank pots and pots of milk tea.

Notice I am not drinking milk tea anymore.  I think I overdosed the first 2 days.

The food was delicious, too.  We had been eating rice, rice, and oh, let's see, more rice in Kathmandu so we took the opportunity to eat some ethnic food that we can't get in Penang.  We ate numerous hummus platters and greek salads.  Yum!
Look!  Real feta cheese!
This is the most un-enchilada-like enchilada I have ever had.  Quite tragic.

We actually spent a great deal of our time sitting in cafes.  Fine by me!  I was engrossed in my John Steinbeck novel.  We did manage to sneak in a few other activities:

This hike was the extent of our 'trekking' in Nepal

The World Peace Pagoda

I hired a boatsman to take me out on the lake
Back in Kathmandu, we did plenty of shopping.  This excited Reuben even more than myself, because it was mostly for outdoor gear.

In Thamel, Kathmandu

I felt it

My new windbreaker

Reuben's shopping paradise

I didn't know WalMart was in the trekking business

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