Yes, I am officially obsessed with coconut.  Much to my delight last week, I found some popsicle molds at the morning market.  So much potential in those guys!  I was thinking the other day about how Dreyer's frozen coconut bars are, so I decided to try to recreate them.  It seems easy enough, just coconut milk, some shredded coconut flesh, and sugar.  I added some mango because we had some that needed to be used up.  Whip it in the blender, pour in molds, and freeze!  So delicious.  So refreshing.  There are many of these (and adaptations of them) in my future.

I'll take two, please

They taste a bit different than the original bars I buy in the store, but I can't complain when my coconut products come fresh from the coconut lady at the market rather than from a can.

This lady knows me well by now.  That machine is the coconut 'shredder'.
Oh yes, and I made these coconut lime bars last week.  "Brilliant!" as the British would say.

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