Key limes

I've been trying to branch out at the market lately.  I've recently discovered collard greens (only good for frying, they recommend, but I have other plans for them), purple potatoes, and key limes.  Yes, key limes, like the Florida Keys key limes!  I was beside myself when I learned this.  I visited the Florida Keys when I was young and key lime pie is pretty much all I remember.

This is what I gleaned from some official google research:

"Key limes are also known as Mexican lime and West Indies lime. Cultivated for thousands of years in the Indo-Malayan region (that's here!!).  The Key lime made its way to North Africa and the Near East via Arabian traders, and then carried on to Palestine and Mediterranean Europe by the Crusaders (Riverside Crusaders?). Columbus is credited with bringing the Key lime to Hispaniola (now known as Haiti), where it was carried on by Spanish settlers to Florida."

Fascinating, no?

I made a-go at a key lime pie when my parents were here, but it was a total flop.  I had such high hopes for it, too.  When my parents were visiting we also had some friends from Bainbridge visiting as well.  She just graduated from culinary school.  Her visiting, plus having just watched a season of "Top Chefs - Just Desserts", made me feel ashamed of having hiding in my refrigerator. I only brought it out when said friends left.  I served it to my parents a day or two, and they praised it highly, but probably only because they're my parents and they have to do that sort of thing.  

I have another generous portion of lime juice waiting for me in the freezer.  After I get over my trust issues with so-called "tested recipes", I will make a second attempt.  Probably with an UN-tested recipe.  Key lime cheesecake, perhaps?

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