Sunday vegetarian

Our church recently moved to a new location, and along with the move we've adopted a new tradition.  There's a fantastic vegetarian restaurant just down the street that we've eaten lunch at every week.  I can't get enough of it!

"Deceptively low key"

The endless rows of food are serve-yourself, buffet style, so you can pile your plate with as much of whatever you want, and you pay for what you take. 

Decisions, decisions
Everything is, of course, vegetarian, but they're very sneaky.  They have dishes that look exactly like a fish fillet (how do they do that?), chicken, beef, bbq pork, and whatever I would most likely miss if I was indeed a true vegetarian.  I am not, and I daresay this is even better.   

If this isn't a chicken drumstick, I don't know what is!

Unlike other restaurants, they serve brown rice and (shockingly for Malaysia) their food isn't overly oily or salty.  I spend pretty much all week craving Sundays now!

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