My grandma is turning 95 tomorrow.  The family hosted a milestone birthday party at my aunt's house in CA.  She has never been one for technology, but I was able to Skype with her this morning.  I haven't seen her for years and years, and she's never even met Reuben before!  Reuben asked what her secret to living 95 years is, and she said "eat well and get lots of rest".  Sounds like a good philosophy to me!

I did a little research to see what was happening in the world when Grandma was born.  In 1917:

The U.S. declares war in Germany (WWI)
Albert Einstein publishes his first paper on Cosmology
Houdini performs buried alive escape
JFK is born
Charlie Chaplin writes, directs, and stars in several short comedies

Can you imagine?  The Wright Brothers had made their first flight only a decade before, the World Wars had just begun, and the Model T Ford was just getting started.  Penicillin hadn't even been discovered yet, Malaysia was still a British Colony, and women hadn't earned the right to vote.  What would it feel like to live through all those changes?  I'll be 95 in 2078.  I wonder what the world will be like then.  What an intriguing thought!  

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