Feels like home

 There's a handful of retail stores here in Penang that I can walk into and completely feel like I'm back at home.  Starbucks is one of those places.  So is The Body Shop.  Banana Republic.  Forever 21 (am I 18 again?).  Borders (not closed here!) and the Gap.  It's amazing how each brand can precisely recreate one of its stores anywhere in the world.  Even the smells!

Thank you for making my day today, Gap. 
This shot could be taken in a Gap store anywhere in the world right now!  
Even though much of their clothing is manufactured in nearby countries, the prices in these Western stores are usually higher here than they would be in the States.  Even worse with the fact that there are rarely any sales or clearance stuff.  Go figure.  At the risk of sounding uber materialistic and superficial, hanging out at the Gap was just what I needed today.

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