Keeping cool

I feel like I'm fighting a constant battle with the heat.  When I walk back in the door of our home I either jump into a cold shower, grab a glass of ice water, go down to the pool, or nap.  Sometimes all four of those things.   It seems that every trip out completely exhausts me these days, so I've slowly been developing some 'strategies' for staying cool.  Here are my secrets:

1) Frozen watermelon.  I could eat this all day, but it is particularly refreshing after coming back from a workout.  Frozen grapes are also great.

2) Baby powder.  I discovered this from Reuben.  It is great at absorbing moisture and keeps you feeling dry and fresh.

3) Neck coolers.  Sure, it looks weird having a big wet thing hanging around your neck, but they feel fantastic.  My mom made some for us.

4) Sleep on the floor.  Reuben's actually the one that does this.  The tile is cool and he sometimes takes naps directly on it.

5) Freezing water bottles.  I froze my water bottle 3/4 full last night for my run this morning, and it had completely melted with 15 minutes of starting to run.

6) Homemade frappuchinos.  Especially of the coconut mocha kind...yum.

Cooling down with my neck cooler and frozen watermelon

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